Germanisches Wörterbuch . 2014.

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  • kap- — To grasp. Derivatives include have, heavy, cable, captive, deceive, capsule, and chassis. I. Basic form *kap . 1. heddle, from Old Englis …   Universalium

  • hawk — {{11}}hawk (n.) c.1300, hauk, earlier havek (c.1200), from O.E. hafoc (W. Saxon), heafuc (Mercian), heafoc, from P.Gmc. *habukaz (Cf. O.N. haukr, O.S. habuc, M.Du. havik, O.H.G. habuh, Ger. Habicht hawk ), from a root meaning to seize, from PIE …   Etymology dictionary

  • habuka- — *habuka , *habukaz germ., stark. Maskulinum (a): nhd. Habicht; ne. hawk; Rekontruktionsbasis: an., ae., afries., anfrk., as., ahd.; Quelle: Personenname (ca. 500); …   Germanisches Wörterbuch

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