s. biti-;

Germanisches Wörterbuch . 2014.

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  • bheid- — To split; with Germanic derivatives referring to biting (hence also to eating and to hunting) and woodworking. Derivatives include bite, bitter, and fission. 1. a. beetle1, bite, from Old English bītan, to bite; b …   Universalium

  • diabetes — di|a|be|tes [ ,daıə bitiz ] noun uncount a serious medical condition in which your body does not produce enough INSULIN to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • bit — There are three distinct nouns bit in English, but the two most ancient ones are probably both related ultimately to the verb bite. Bit as in ‘drill bit’ [OE] originally meant simply ‘bite’ or ‘biting’. The Old English word, bite, came from… …   The Hutchinson dictionary of word origins

  • diabetes — /daɪəˈbitiz / (say duyuh beeteez) noun 1. Also, diabetes mellitus. a disease in which the production of insulin in the pancreas is impaired (type 1 diabetes), or the body s ability to use the insulin produced is impaired (type 2 diabetes); sugar… …   Australian English dictionary

  • diabetes insipidus — /daɪəbitiz ɪnˈsɪpədəs/ (say duyuhbeeteez in sipuhduhs) noun → diabetes (def. 2). {New Latin: insipid diabetes} …   Australian English dictionary

  • diabetes mellitus — /daɪəbitiz məˈlaɪtəs/ (say duyuhbeeteez muh luytuhs) noun → diabetes (def. 1) …   Australian English dictionary

  • gestational diabetes — /dʒɛsˌteɪʃənəl daɪəˈbitiz/ (say jes.tayshuhnuhl duyuh beeteez) noun the development of diabetes in a pregnant woman who was not previously diabetic …   Australian English dictionary

  • juvenile diabetes — /ˌdʒuvənaɪl daɪəˈbitiz/ (say .joohvuhnuyl duyuh beeteez) noun type 1 diabetes. See diabetes (def. 1) …   Australian English dictionary

  • sugar diabetes — /ʃʊgə daɪəˈbitiz/ (say shooguh duyuh beeteez) noun → diabetes (def. 1) …   Australian English dictionary

  • water diabetes — /wɔtə daɪəˈbitiz/ (say wawtuh duyuh beeteez) noun → diabetes (def. 2) …   Australian English dictionary

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